Walther PPK gold and pearl pattern automatic

Walther PPK gold and pearl pattern automatic

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Walther PPK Gold and Pearl Pattern Automatic

Proof of age 18 or over and address is required. We can accept a scan of a full or provisional driving licence emailed to relicsarms@hotmail.com If this is not available we can accept an emailed scan of a valid passport together with the heading of a utility bill or appointment that matches the delivery address. If neither of the above options are available we can send a form through Royal Mail.


Fabulous version of the compact Walther PPK 9mm auto. Gold plated with simulated mother of pearl grips. Full size, non-firing replica model gun. Weight 575g.

Please note our replica guns do not hold or cycle inert or dummy bullets.

Will be supplied in a bright pvc peel off finish unless you are exempt. See `About Us` for details.

UK CUSTOMERS. If you are a UK resident living offshore of the Mainland ie Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight etc please select your area from the drop down menu to see the current shipping rate for your country or UK Area.