MP41 Sub Machine Gun replica by Denix

Product ID: 1214


MP41 replica Sub Machine Gun by Denix

Thompson 1928 M1A1 submachine gun WW2 type by Denix

Product ID: 263


Thompson 1928 M1A1 Sub Machine Gun WW2 type

Grease Gun M3 metal replica US WW2 Sub machine Gun by Denix

Product ID: 1133


Metal Replica M3 Grease Gun

Thompson 1921 metal replica submachine gun by Denix

Product ID: 523


Thompson 1921 American 1920s gangster type Sub Machine Gun

PPSH 41 Soviet SubMachineGun Denix metal and wood replica

Product ID: 1199


Full size metal and wood replica of the Russian PPSh-41

50 round metal Drum Magazine for the replica Thompson 1921 Tommygun

Product ID: 1094


Thompson 1921 Sub Machine Gun 50 round metal drum magazine

Schmeisser MP40 German WW2 Submachine Gun by Denix

Product ID: 674


Schmeisser MP40 German WW2 Sub Machine Gun

Sten MK11 Metal Replica Submachine Gun by Denix Mk2

Product ID: 929


STEN MK11 British WW2 metal replica Sub Machine Gun. A top quality imitation firearm with working dry fire action and detachable Stock and Magazine.

Sten MK11 Metal Submachine Gun with distressed finish by Denix

Product ID: 962


Sten MK11 British WW2 metal replica Sub Machine Gun

MAT 49 French submachine gun wood replica

Product ID: 1113


French MAT 49 Sub Machine Gun replica

Big Bullet hooks Display mounts sprung loaded adjustable

Product ID: 1111


A pair of big bullet rifle gun hangers


Product ID: 569


SA80 L85-A1 British Army Rifle