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Unusual Militaria & Gifts

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Sub Machine Guns

Replica Wood and Metal Sub Machine Guns sold by Relics Replica Weapons

50 round metal Drum Magazine for the replica Thompson 1921 Tommygun


Big Bullet hooks Display mounts pair


Grease Gun M3 metal replica US WW2 Sub machine gun Denix


MAT 49 French submachine gun wood replica


Schmeisser MP40 German WW2 Submachine Gun by Denix


Sten MK11 Metal Replica Submachine Gun by Denix


STEN MK11 Metal Submachine Gun with distressed finish by Denix


STEN MK11 T Butt Wooden Prop Gun


STEN MK5 wooden sub machine gun


THOMPSON 1921 metal replica submachine gun by Denix


THOMPSON 1928 M1 submachine gun WW2 type by Denix