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Stinger FIM-92 Missile Launcher

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Stinger FIM-92 Missile Launcher

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A full size copy of the U.S surface to air Stinger FIM-92 missile launcher with optional dual thrust motor rocket. The original Stinger was developed from the FIM-43 Red eye during the 70s As a one man portable short range Missile Launcher for use against low level attack Aircraft. The stinger incorporates a sealed disposable launch tube containing The General Dynamics Missile and a re-usable control/tracking unit with detachable identification friend or foe antenna and subsystem.

Relics reproduction has an aproximate weight of 6kg

Parts and fittings may vary from the images shown 

Delivery up to 14 weeks as these are hand built to order. 

FIM-92 Original Weapon Technical Specification

  • Guidance system  Fire & Forget /Passive Infrared Seeker.
  • Warhead High Explosive.
  • Range 1-8 Kilometres.
  • Ceiling 10,000 Feet. 3.046 Kilometre.
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