Shotgun sawn off 12 gauge Colt 1878 style scattergun by Denix

Product ID: 666


Colt 1878 style sawn off shotgun replica

Shotgun Sawn Off Cut Down 12 Gauge Metal Replica by Denix

Product ID: 713


Metal and wood replica shotgun by Denix

Benelli style combat pump action shotgun deluxe

Product ID: 964


Benelli style combat pump action deluxe full size Shotgun

L128A1 Combat Shotgun British Army Tactical type replica

Product ID: 1028


Relics full size replica of the L128A1 Combat Shotgun British Army tactical type metal and plastic with pump cocking/loading action

L128A1 Tactical Combat Carbine Shotgun

Product ID: 1161


Metal and plasic replica shotgun

Benelli style carbine pump action shotgun replica

Product ID: 1177


Benelli style combat pump action carbine full size shotgun with working rack pump action

Mossberg 500 style Pump action Shotgun

Product ID: 1178


Mossberg 500 Military shotgun replica

Franchi style SPAS12 Shotgun replica

Product ID: 1182


The Iconic Franchi Style SPAS-12 Shotgun reproduced here as a full size visual replica

Deluxe double barrel sawn off cut down hammer shotgun.

Product ID: 1235



Metal replica double barrel shotgun with real wood furniture