AK47 Golden Gun

Product ID: 1202



Full size metal and wood replica of the Kalashnikov AK47

M1 Garand Rifle WW2 US Army pattern Metal Action wood stock

Product ID: 257


Metal Replica Rifle M1 Pattern.

SMLE British WW1 metal 1917 replica rifle by Denix

Product ID: 258


SMLE Short Magazine Lee Enfield British WW1 metal replica rifle by Denix

Kalashnikov AK47 metal and wood replica assault rifle

Product ID: 427


Kalashnikov AK47 replica assault rifle

L98-A1 SA80 plastic replica with Iron sights

Product ID: 1206



British Army Rifle


Product ID: 569


SA80 L85-A1 British Army Rifle

Kalashnikov AK47 plastic replica assault rifle with simulated wood stock

Product ID: 1103


AK47 replica assault rifle

MP44 STg44 Metal Assault Rifle

Product ID: 739


Sturmgewehr MP44-43 STg44 Machine Pistol metal replica assault rifle


Product ID: 758


SLR L1-A1 British Army Pattern Wood Reproduction Rifle

M1 Para Carbine Metal Replica with Folding Stock

Product ID: 794


M1 Para Carbine Metal Replica Gun with Folding Stock

Colt M16 Assault Rifle Metal Replica from Relics

Product ID: 820


Colt M16 Assault Metal Replica Rifle

Wooden Rifle US army style M1 carbine

Product ID: 833


Wooden Rifle US army style M1 carbine

Mauser 98K German WW1 WW2 Rifle

Product ID: 956


Metal Replica Mauser 98k German WW1 WW2 Rifle with wood stock

L85-A2 SA80 Replica Rifle Deluxe with metal frame with SUSAT

Product ID: 959


L85 SA80 metal and plastic replica rifle

Kalashnikov AK47 Metal Replica With Folding Stock

Product ID: 971


The Kalashnikov AK47

SLR FN Fal replica rifle

Product ID: 1090


L1A1 SLR self-loading metal and plastic replica rifle

SLR Film Prop rifle rubber polymer model

Product ID: 1091


SLR rubber film prop rifle

M1 US Carbine pattern replica gun

Product ID: 1122


Metal and wood replica rifle

Enfield Rifle No.4 British WW2 Military style all wood propgun

Product ID: 1140


Lee Enfield wood propgun

Big Bullet hooks Display mounts sprung loaded adjustable

Product ID: 1111


A pair of big bullet rifle gun hangers

AK47 Magazine Metal replica

Product ID: 1160


Metal AK47 magazine

Galil Military rifle

Product ID: 1233


wooden replica rifle