Liberator Resin Replica Pistol

Product ID: 1135



F-45 Liberator Pistol

Colt Python 357 2 inch Snub Magnum Metal replica Denix

Product ID: 1136


Metal replica snub magnum.

Colt Python Nickel plated 6 inch magnum replica by Denix 6304

Product ID: 1137


Metal replica magnum revolver

Colt Python Gun black 6 inch magnum metal replica by Denix

Product ID: 1138


Metal replica magnum revolver

Colt 1911 GOLD PLATED strip down action Denix code 5312

Product ID: 1208


Gold plated metal replica Colt M1911

Big Bullet hooks Display mounts sprung loaded adjustable

Product ID: 1111


A pair of big bullet rifle gun display hangers

Beretta 92F simulated stainless plastic replica.

Product ID: 1204



Beretta 92F handgun

Webley MK4 British WW2 Denix metal replica revolver with opening action

Product ID: 677


A Denix metal replica revolver

Browning Hi Power GP35 auto metal Denix replica Military pattern

Product ID: 712


Browning Hi Power GP35 Auto metal replica

Mauser C96 Broomhandled machine pistol by Denix

Product ID: 714


Mauser C96 Broomhandled Machine Pistol with trigger and hammer action

LUGER P-08 German Wartime pattern metal replica by Denix

Product ID: 732


Luger P-08 metal model German WW1 and 2 pistol with chequered simulated grips.

Walther PPK Metal Replica Pistol by Denix model 1277

Product ID: 733



Walther PPK metal replica pistol.

Beretta 92F Replica Automatic Metal Pistol

Product ID: 734



Beretta 92F Automatic Pistol by Denix

WALTHER P38 metal replica automatic gun by Denix

Product ID: 763


Walther P38 metal replica pistol.

Webley MK6 British Replica WW1 .455 Prop Gun

Product ID: 773



Webley MK6 Revolver .455 WW1 British Replica Gun

Walther PPK Resin replica Gun

Product ID: 800


Walther PPK resin replica James Bond pistol.

Mauser C96 broomhandled machine pistol with wood grips

Product ID: 1207


Heavy Metal Replica Mauser C96

Colt 45 M1911, metal with wood grips by Denix 9312

Product ID: 851


Denix Colt 45 M1911. A full size model gun.

Artillery Luger P-08 Lange Pistole 08 by Denix With Wood Grips

Product ID: 858


Artillery WW1/2 German Luger P-08 Lange Pistole 08 a Relics Full Size Model

LUGER P-08 Pistol by Denix with Chequered Wooden Grips

Product ID: 859


Luger P-08 German Pistol with wooden chequered grips

Walther LP53 007 James Bond Replica Pistol

Product ID: 865


Walther LP53 007 James Bond Full Size Replica Pistol

LUGER PO8 Naval WW1 WW2 metal replica by Denix

Product ID: 1150


Metal Replica P08 Luger

Artillery Luger P-08 Lange Pistole 08 denix with chequered plastic grips

Product ID: 1152


Artillery WW1/2 German Luger P-08 Lange Pistole 08 a Relics Full Size Model


Product ID: 897


WW1 half resin Webley MK6 handgun on plaque

Walther PPK Metal Replica with silencer German WW2 style Denix 1311

Product ID: 1148


Full size metal replica PPK handgun with metal silencer.

Welrod Special Operations Executive Pistol

Product ID: 960


Welrod Special Operations Executive Replica film prop gun

Magnum .357 Replica Revolver with 6 inch barrel

Product ID: 961


Replica Magnum Revolver with a 6 inch barrel in resin plastic

Desert Eagle IMI Nickel Plated Metal Replica by Denix

Product ID: 1132


Metal replica handgun

Colt Python 357 Replica Revolver with 8 inch Barrel metal gun

Product ID: 994


Colt Python .357 Magnum Metal Replica Gun

Smith and Wesson 44 Magnum Revolver 6 inch

Product ID: 995


Smith and Wesson .44 magnum 6 inch

Desert Eagle IMI Metal Replica by Denix 1123

Product ID: 1006


Metal Replica Desert Eagle IMI Gun

GLOCK 17 plastic model automatic handgun

Product ID: 1017


Glock 17 Automatic Handgun

Colt 45 M1911 type Replica Automatic Pistol plastic resin

Product ID: 1018



Plastic and Resin Colt 45 M1911 replica gun

Webley MK6 Revolver WW1 battlefield discovery

Product ID: 1211


Webley MK6 Revolver

Colt Python 357 4 inch Magnum Revolver Metal replica by denix

Product ID: 1069


Metal replica Colt Python Gun

SIG Sauer Auto 226 NYPD pattern automatic

Product ID: 1074


SIG Sauer Auto Plastic Replica Handgun

C96 Mauser replica machine pistol with wooden stock holster by Denix

Product ID: 1093


Denix C96 Mauser Broomhandled Metal Machine Pistol

Liberator Pistol Wooden Replica WW2 Pattern

Product ID: 1114


Wooden relics replica handgun, a full size lightweight copy

Denix Webley MK4 Revolver Black plastic grips

Product ID: 1116


Denix replacement Webley MK4 grips

Colt 45 Government Automatic M1911 Gun Plaque Resin half gun by Relics

Product ID: 1121


Colt 45 Government Automatic M1911 and bullets on a wooden plaque

Colt 45 M1911 Automatic metal strip down pattern Denix Handgun 8312

Product ID: 1156


Metal replica gun with chequered wooden grips

Colt 45 1911 Automatic metal stripdown pattern handgun by Denix 1312

Product ID: 1157


Metal replica Colt 45 M1911 sidearm

SIG Sauer P228 Replica Auto

Product ID: 1168


Replica automatic compact handgun.

Denix Colt .45 Auto Gun black Standard pattern.

Product ID: 1167



Colt .45 automatic WW2, WW2 style metal replica pistol

Beretta 92F Replica Automatic Plastic resin Pistol

Product ID: 1215


plastic resin full size handgun

Luger P08 Kreigsmarine pattern 6 inch Barrel Wood Grips

Product ID: 1185


Metal replica Naval luger


Product ID: 1195


Colt 45 M1911 replica gun by Denix

Bullet Gun Hooks

Product ID: 791


Bullet Gun Metal Display Hooks

Dirty Harry 44 magnum 8 inch barrel

Product ID: 1198



Replica Smith and Wesson model 29 gun

H&K USP Silenced Automatic

Product ID: 1216


Replica H&K USP silenced automatic handgun

Walther PPK gold and pearl pattern automatic

Product ID: 1232


Walther PPK Gold and Pearl Automatic

357 Magnum silver replica revolver.

Product ID: 1238


357 replica magnum with 6 inch barrel

Sten gun dummy metal Magazine

Product ID: 1249


metal magazine