Denix Sixgun grips Simulated Ivory plastic

Product ID: 1061


Ivory Plastic Sixgun grips

Le Mat Revolver

Product ID: 278


Metal Replica French cap lock Le Mat Revolver with plastic grips

Schofield Smith and Wesson Revolver nickel silver

Product ID: 279


Nickel Plated Metal Replica Smith and Wesson Pistol with wood grips

Remington Derringer

Product ID: 320


Metal replica Remington Derringer with working action.

Kentucky Flintlock Pistol

Product ID: 321


Replica Kentucky flintlock pistol in metal and wood

Colt Navy style cap n ball Revolver Black n Brass finish by Denix

Product ID: 334


Replica Colt Navy style cap and ball Revolver Black and Brass finish

Navy Colt style cap n ball Revolver Steel finish.

Product ID: 335


Metal Replica Navy Colt style cap and ball steel Revolver

Navy Colt Officers Dress Pattern Revolver

Product ID: 336



American civil war Navy Colt Officers dress pattern cap and ball revolver

Navy Colt Revolver

Product ID: 337



Metal Replica Navy Colt cap and ball Revolver

Colt Army Cap and Ball Black n Brass Revolver

Product ID: 338


Colt Army cap and ball Revolver Black n Brass

Colt Army Steel Finish Revolver

Product ID: 339


Colt Army Steel Finish Revolver

Four Cannon Barrelled Flintlock Revolving Pistol

Product ID: 1104



Replica Flintlock


Product ID: 505


Metal Replica Schofield Smith and Wesson black revolver

Henry Deringer Philidelphia pattern pistol

Product ID: 537


Henry Deringer Philidelphia pattern metal and wood replica pistol

Pirate deck pistol

Product ID: 538


Replica pirate deck pistol in metal and wood

Flintlock Cavalry pistol denix replica

Product ID: 608


Metal and Wood Replica Classic French Flintlock Pistol

Denix Colt Cavalry Sixgun metal replica model

Product ID: 651


Colt Cavalry Sixgun a full size metal and wood replica model with 7inch plus barrel

Colt Dragoon Revolver

Product ID: 668


Colt Dragoon metal and wood replica revolver

Colt Cavalry Sixgun with Ivory Grips

Product ID: 682


Colt Steel Finish Cavalry Replica Sixgun

Volcanic Pistol Resin Model

Product ID: 710


resin cast Volcanic Pistol

Colt Peacemaker Engraved Sixgun

Product ID: 766


Colt Peacemaker Metal Replica Sixgun Engraved action

Colt Frontier Sixgun Nickel Plated with real wood grips

Product ID: 767


Denix Colt Frontier Metal Replica Sixgun

Colt Long Knives Sixgun

Product ID: 768



Colt Long Knives Metal Replica Sixgun

Bullet Gun Hooks

Product ID: 791


Bullet Gun Metal Display Hooks

Cap and Ball Revolver bullets pack of 12 Denix type rounds

Product ID: 792


Cap and Ball Metal Dummy Revolver bullets x 12 Denix type

Colt Frontier Steel Sixgun by Denix with simulated gutta percha grips

Product ID: 793


Single action Colt Frontier revolver


Product ID: 808


Colt Wild West Wood Sixgun Fancy Dress and Line Dancing Pattern

Colt Navy Griswold Gunnison cap and ball gun

Product ID: 1210


Replica Colt Navy Griswold Gunnison cap and ball revolver in gunmetal finish

Colt Frontier Gun Black Metal Sixgun by Denix

Product ID: 873



Colt Frontier Gun Black Metal Replica Sixgun


Product ID: 890



Flintlock English Nelsons Deck Pistol with turnover barrels, Bailes of London Replica

French Ornate Flintlock Dueller

Product ID: 891


Replica French Flintlock Duelling Pistol

Italian Horsemans Flintlock

Product ID: 892


Italian Horsemans Replica Flintlock

Flintlock Pistol

Product ID: 893


Flintlock Replica Pistol

Gentlemans Flintlock Pistol Double Barrelled Over and Under

Product ID: 943



Metal Replica Flintlock Pistol

Volcanic Pistol Metal with working Action

Product ID: 1163


Metal replica gun with wood grips

Colt Frontier Steel Sixgun by Denix with hardwood grips

Product ID: 1010


Colt Frontier Steel Sixgun with wood grips

Colt Cavalry Army model sixgun Revolver Nickel plated replica

Product ID: 1037


Colt Cavalry Metal Replica Gun

Colt Peacemaker single action Sixgun 4 .75 inch steel finish by Denix

Product ID: 1046


Colt Peacemaker Single Action Steel Finish Sixgun

Pepperbox Revolver percussion action six barrel

Product ID: 1047


Pepperbox Percussion Action Gunblack Revolver

Engraved Colt Cavalry Sixgun 7.5 inch Barrel metal replica

Product ID: 1048



Colt Cavalry Metal Replica Engraved Sixgun

Colt Frontier Sixgun nickel plated with plain Ivory look grips

Product ID: 1050


Colt Metal Sixgun with Ivory look grips

Volcanic gun on wooden plaque

Product ID: 1052


Resin half Volcanic Gun on a wooden plaque

Denix Sixgun Grips Ivory chequered with fixing plugs

Product ID: 1053


Denix Plastic Grips

Buntline Special Nickel plated Single action long barrelled Sixgun

Product ID: 1068


Buntline Special Single Colt revolver, all metal, nickel plated with 12 inch barrel and wood grips

Wooden grips with fixing screw for Denix single action Colts

Product ID: 1067


Denix Sixgun Wooden Grips

Colt Cavalry Army model Revolver Engraved with Wood Grips

Product ID: 1073


Colt Cavalry Metal Replica Gun

Denix Sixgun Black Chequered Grips with Fixing Plugs

Product ID: 1060


Denix Sixgun black grips

Gentleman`s Pocket Pistol

Product ID: 1078


Gentlemans Pocket Pistol

French Courtiers Pistol Triple revolving cannon barrel

Product ID: 1144


Replica multi shot Flintlock

Pepperbox Revolver Allen & Thurber

Product ID: 1164


Metal replica pepperbox gun

European Powder Flask

Product ID: 1165


metal and simulated ivory flask

Snub Nose Sixgun Revolver The Rattler Replica in gunmetal

Product ID: 1174


Snub Nose Sixgun Revolver the Rattler in a gunmetal finish complete with 6 dummy bullets

Colt Peacemaker single action Sixgun 4 .75 inch nickel

Product ID: 1175


Colt Peacemaker single action Sixgun

Colt Snub Nose Single Action Six Gun Revolver

Product ID: 1192


Metal replica Snub Nose Revolver with wood grips

Colt Gunslinger Frontier Single action Gun metal finish

Product ID: 1193



Metal replica Colt Frontier sixgun with simulated ivory grips

Colt Thunderer nickel plated replica sixgun

Product ID: 1226


The Colt Thunderer Metal Replica Handgun

Frontier de-luxe Colt revolver black with wood grips and shells

Product ID: 1227


The Colt Frontier Replica Revolver - a quality full size metal wild west hand gun

Frontier Colt style revolver

Product ID: 1234


metal replica colt style revolver