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DHsK Heavy Machine Gun Russian 1938 pattern replica

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DHsK Heavy Machine Gun Russian 1938 pattern replica

Relics Ultimate weapon. The Soviet "DShKa" machine gun

All wood construction.

Opening top cover to allow insertion of an inert ammunition belt.

Basically a 38/46 pattern Krupnokaliberny Pulemet Degtyareva-Shpagina, DShK 

Currently ubiquious in middle east theatres of war and favoured by communist forces in Southeast Asia, the Degtyarov-Shpagin Krupnokaliberny (DShK) machine gun also presented a deadly threat to low-flying aircraft-like the Forward Air Controllers (FACs). Sometimes called Dushka meaning "Sweetie" 

Big calibre 12.7mm (.50) with a stated efficent range of 2000m

Also available with the full tri-pod, ammunition box and Anti Aircraft sight unit. See seperate listing.

We make these on an extended delivery of 14- 18 weeks