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DShK Degtyarov-Shpagin Krupnokaliberny machine gun wood

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wood visual replica heavy machine gun

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Relics Ultimate weapon. The Soviet "DShKa" machine gun in wood.

Complete with full size tri-pod. Detachable dummy Ammunition box and AA Sight unit.

Basically a 38/46 pattern Krupnokaliberny Pulemet Degtyareva-Shpagina, DShK 

Currently ubiquious in middle east theatres of war and favoured by communist forces in Southeast Asia, the Degtyarov-Shpagin Krupnokaliberny (DShK) machine gun also presented a deadly threat to low-flying aircraft-like the Forward Air Controllers (FACs). Sometimes called Dushka meaning "Sweetie" 

Big calibre 12.7mm (.50) with a stated efficent range of 2000m

Even used by IRA forces to shoot down a British helicopter in 1988 

We make these on an extended delivery of 14- 18 weeks