Colt Thunderer nickel plated replica sixgun

Colt Thunderer nickel plated replica sixgun

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The Colt Thunderer Metal Replica Handgun


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 Modern guns are supplied in a peel off yellow finish.


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A quality copy of the Colt Thunderer in a bright nickel plated finish with realistic simulated mother of pearl grips.

Complete with six dummy bullets with brass plated with simulated lead heads.

A full 900g heavy weight handgun with a 5¾ inch barrel.

Has a crisp cocking and firing action and a positive flip open loading gate.

Birds head grip frame.

Includes illustrated display box.

The Thunderer style revolver was infamously carried by John Wesley Hardin and William “Billy the Kid” Bonny. Hundreds were ordered by USA police departments and express companies. In all, a total of 166,849 revolvers were made from 1877 to 1909.