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M136 - AT4 N-LAW Missile Launcher

Price: £275.00

Wood / plastic /Metal dummy Launcher

Relics offer a  reproduction of the Swedish FFV Ordnance manufactured weapon.

 Our copy is visually impressive and features no moving parts. Its an ideal support weapon for Military Vehicle owners , Re enactors, Museums, TV & Film companies. Made to order 8-10 weeks deliver. Impressive non-firing dummy launcher. Solid wood with metal and plastic fittings. Complete with firing / useage labelling. Net weight 5kg aprox.

 The original M136 AT4 is designed for use as an anti tank / vehicle weapon.

Its a"Recoiless" 84mm Rifle with up to 300m range and 60m exhaust rear danger area.

 It fires a Shaped Charge Warhead.

Ours just looks as if it does!

LENGTH 39 inch (100cm) aprox' .

MAX DIAMETER 7 inches (18cm) aprox'


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