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617 Squadron Dambusters Flag 36 X 18 inches

British made reproduction cotton RAF 617 Squadron Ensign Flag

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RAF 617 Squadron Dambusters Ensign Flag
FEATURES.... 617 sewn printed badge on both sides.
With breached dam,  lightening bolts and the Kings Crown.
Printed on sky cotton fabric with white canvas mast edge and cord flying loops.
BRITISH MADE with pride here in the UK.
This is a genuine military flag quality Royal Air Force flag.
A firm reminder of the Great British WW2 Knights of the air who despite overwhelming odds and facing destruction flew into the valleys of death to deal a massive blow against the Nazis and thier servants. 
Fuelled by a crazy British inventor, Barnes Wallis, with a crackpot idea, our magnificent men in their flying machines dropped a load of unbelievable spinning bombs into still waters just feet below the planes belly.  Many runs were made, many planes lost in flames, many bombs went silently astray.
Heroes were dealt the final card of death, never to return.. but.....
from this melee, victory arose and millions of gallons spilt into the face of our enemy to show them we are here, the RAF, fighting from high where the angels fly.
Remember for we are The Royal Air Force Do not forget us.....